Toolkit for Monitoring Minority Rights

Objective of this document is to facilitate the assessment of extent and implementation of 15 point programme of Prime Minister on the minority community population. To undertake work to facilitate access of the minority community to their social, economic & legal entitlements. Read the complete toolkit




Reading Material on Minority Rights

Document is a compilation of various reading materials focusing on the topic of minority rights encompassing the important minority issues. Read the complete book.


Analysing Union Budget 2017 – 18 Through Minority Lens

This document contains a budgetary analysis of Multi-Sectoral Development Programme and PM’s New 15 Point Programme to assess the progress of government efforts for the development of minorities. Read the complete report.


Literature Review on Issues Affecting Minorities

This document is a compilation of literature reviews on issues like Undertrial Problem in India, Ban on Cow Slaughter, Family Laws and Uniform Civil Code, Triple Talaq and Prime Minister’s New Welfare Programme for Welfare of Minorities. Read the complete book


Compendium of Supreme Court and High Court Case Laws

This book is designed to support the lawyers working on minority rights. Broadly the book talks about personal laws, The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005, Rights of Undertrials Prisoners, Cow Slaughter Prohibition Laws, Freedom of Conscience and Religion and Waqf Act. Read the complete book


Manual for Training of Lawyers Working on Minority Rights Issues

This manual is an attempt to complement the understanding of minority rights in the lawyers working in the minority community areas. Read the complete document.


Training Manual for Paralegal Trainers on Minority Rights

This document discusses the significance and importance of paralegals in the legal structure. It also talks about designing a paralegal training programme and advises on how to add a minority rights lens in the training. Read the complete document.


Handbook: PM’s 15 Point Programme for the Welfare of Minorities: The Handbook is an attempt to delineate the 15 Point Programme of the Prime Minister aimed at the welfare of the minority communities.

Legislations and Provisions Affecting Rights of Minority Women: This article enlists legislations that are in place in India which strengthen the rights of the minority women.

Synopsis of five Academic Articles: This literature review tries to look at the debate over the Uniform Civil Code and its interface with different personal laws existing in India.

Using Legal Strategies as core to activate 10 Pilot Entitlement Centre in MCD/MCB: This article emphasizes upon the impact that civil society has in bringing effective legislations.

Rehnuma Research Toolkit: This toolkit talks about the method to analyse and assess the vulnerability as well as discrimination faced by religious minorities. Also, it’s a method through which one can measure and assess the implementation of 15 Point Programme.

Compendium of Supreme Court and High Courts Case Laws Book: This compilation works as a learning document for the researchers and lawyers to map judicial trends on various important issues subjected to minorities.

Handbook: Public Service Guarantee Act Provisions: This document is a tabulation of the provisions of and service notified under ‘The Right to Public Service Acts’ in the 8 states.