Case Study : Vadagam #CommunalViolenceWatch

INTRODUCTION Vadagam is a village in the Dhansura Block of the Aravalli District in Gujarat. With a population of close to 7000, it is a large village with a mixed population comprising of Hindus and Muslims. On the night of 24th March, 2017, an incidence of communal violence shook the village and caused widespread damage … Continue reading Case Study : Vadagam #CommunalViolenceWatch


Case Study : Sahara Society & Sheikh-ul-Hind Nagar

Sahara Society and Sheikh-ul-Hind Nagar are two colonies that were established for the rehabilitation of those persons who were displaced by the 2002 communal riots in Gujarat. Over the years, these colonies have become a site of sheer apathy and neglect by the Municipal body. Consequently, the area suffers from poor standards of drainage, sanitation … Continue reading Case Study : Sahara Society & Sheikh-ul-Hind Nagar