Date: 28th to 30th September, 2016

No. of Participants:  22 women, 4 men

The training began with an introduction and ice-breaking session by YPPLE Ms. Salomi Christie. She spoke about the Rehnuma programme and the work done through Rehnuma Law Centre, Rangareddy on the ground and enlightened the participants about the role of paralegals and understanding community conflict. Free legal aid and the purpose behind the establishment of the National Legal Services Authority was elaborated upon.

After that a film was screened on free legal aid, how to file a complaint with the police, F.I.R. and arrest-related procedures. A discussion was held after the film was screened.

The next day, after a brief recap, YPPLE Ms. Salomi Christie conducted a session on basic understanding of law, its origin and fundamental rights and directive principles, organs of the government etc. She answered the participants’ questions and doubts regarding these areas and the participants were made aware about the importance of their votes in ultimately securing their rights in a constitutional democracy. Another film was screened on labor rights and a discussion was held on it. Then an activity was conducted where the participants were divided into groups and asked to list out legal and social issues faced by women in society.

Group 1 cited domestic violence, the purdah system, remarriage for widows, right to freedom for women, divorce, lack of child welfare systems, illiteracy among women, child marriage etc. as issues faced by women on a day-to-day basis.

Group 2 listed lack of legal assistance, pensions for old age and persons with disability, scholarship problems, domestic issues, lack of job opportunities etc. as their issues.

Group 3 mentioned the societal fear of letting women step outside their house for obtaining a good education, marital problems, alcoholism ruining families, female foeticide, abandonment of new-born girls, rape cases, ragging, acid attacks by scorned men etc. as their issues.

Group 4 wrote about inequality between men and women, early marriages for girls, discrimination between boys and girls in the house, not permitting girls to go for higher studies, abuse of wives by husbands, sexual harassment, women lagging behind in terms of political empowerment etc. as their issues.

A group discussion was done to cull out the solutions from the participants themselves.


The last day involved a session by Hub Coordinator, Mr. Mastan Biradar, about the 15-Point Programme for minorities. It was followed by a lengthy question-answer session where the participants cleared their doubts regarding schemes for minorities. The event ended with information being disseminated on how paralegals can function outside Rehnuma as well, in the District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) and other places.


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